We can’t outrun FUSB. It was already here. 


Okay, new theory…




The Fucking Ugly Stuffed Bee is a juju.

Think about it.

It always exists and there is a version of it in every universe.

Clearly it is a thing of great power and great evil.

And has about as much creep factor as Lil’Cal.

Ergo -> Juju


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Anonymous asked: What was your first impression of your roommate? (2)



GG: vriska was a pain in the ass so i switched to nepetas room

AC: :33 < that was after kanaya went to stay with rose!

GG: their room is sooo fancy now

AC: :\ < is that what people call ‘lipstick lesbian’?

GG: well they do both wear lipstick so probably???

AC: :33 < so cool.

GG: soooooooo cooooooooooool!

AC: :33 < jade is the best roomie! even though we fight sometimes about music and stuff

GG: but not like cats and dogs

AC: :33 < h33 h33 h33 i get it, cats and dogs, thats a good one

AC: :33 < conflict resolution is an important part of successful social interaction!

GG: what she said!

AC: :33 < also its not jades fault she likes weird folk music

GG: heeeeey!

AC: :33 < and always smells like campfire smoke

AC: :33 < a little bit

GG: i washed my entire wardrobe twice! you have a schnozz on you like a freakin’ bloodhound!

AC: :33 < yeah it makes it really easy to stalk my purrrey

GG: omg i should totally take you hunting for real someday when we’re not crazy

AC: :33 < 33333333333333!!!!!

yes yes yes this is the pairing that’s been stuck in my head in that exact situation, because there’s nothing more adorable in my head that Jade and Nepeta hunting together, omggggggggggggggggggggg



Dave: Snap

Dave is daylesshope.

Equius is tashasmasha.

AU is brainbent.

Homagaaaaauuuughhhhhhhhh THEY DID THE *SNAP* SCENE. 


also hey hey hey i heard there was some kinda brainbent party at SC this year?

if this is true: holy shit someone please tell me everything.

sweeeet, brainbent love

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Reader Contrib: Video for “Fuckin Perfect”


Hi can I just link this video? I made a video out of the fan art of the song Fuckin Perfect. I really enjoy this blog. link.

[oh wow :o i just can’t get over seeing you guys jamming together and getting such beautiful results. this is great. this fandom is great.

and this video is just so sweet. rock on.]

EEEEEEEEE! Guys look! Look, look! They made a video of my song post! Sweeeeet.

I’m on Brainbent, woo.

So, my illustrated song post finally made it up on Brainbent. Tons of new likes and reblogs. Of course, the ones I like best are the ones who comment…  And for every person who says that it made them cry, I get a little bit more proud of myself.

I’m a horrible person. (and I love it.)

Illustrated Song Post: F**kin’ Perfect

Song: Pink - F**kin’ Perfect

Had a productive phase a couple weeks ago and decided to start this for Luka’s Brainbent. Of course, it was a struggle to finish it after the phase had passed, but with Thanksgiving, and then people giving Luka hassle, I really wanted to do it. 

So here it is. Thank you, Luka, for this amazing AU that so many people have now turned to for help. I, for one, think you’re doing awesome.